What Is the Point Of Sale?

A point of sale system, system, means when a customer is making payment while purchasing your merchandise or service at your place. The point of sale, at which transaction is executed between a merchant and customer is known as POS System. The POS System, is the Central Point of your Business. Point of sale system, is like hub where everything like-inventory, sales and management merges. POS System is software or hardware that makes business operations easier and more degraded. It makes you enable to educate you about the buying decisions. Customer make payment on your business store in exchange for goods and services you’re offering to them. To calculate the gross revenue, the merchant, use many devices such as barcode scanners and cash registers to make payment touch screens and other software are available. There are many Point of Sale software at different cost are available in the market, only the most accurate and affordable software touch screen provides by Averiware.com

Averiware offers affordable and smart Point of Sale System,with advanced touch screen technology. This solution is geared with a number of innovative features that benefit the retail business by enhancing employee productivity. The operational efficiency is maximized with the automation of regular Point of Sale tasks. With its simple yet robust design, the solution offers maximum performance and adaptability, and is easily manageable and scalable. With its ease to integrate with Averiware, the Averiware POS System helps the retailers to run an efficient and resilient business.

Features of Point of Sale System

  • Operable with Touch Screen, Keyboard or Mouse
  • Bar Code Scanner Support
  • Convenient Prepay Option (Credit Card, Debit Card, Online, Cheque etc.)
  • Seamless integration with Averiware
  • Flexibility to be used as a stand-alone module
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Integrated Barcode Printing
  • Integrated Price Label Printing
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Credit card Payments
  • Credit card/Cheque Scanner
  • Integrates with Z-Out and Cash Register
  • Digital Image Capture capability
  • Sign Pad Integration
  • Detailed Point-Of-Sale and Business Reports facility