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Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) related to software app for the sales management process. SFA Provides the Automated Workflows that create a strong sales pipeline to manage business leads, forecasts and team functioning. SFA also Known as Salesforce Management, Salesforce Automation System is technique that automates the sales related tasks, including contact management, opportunity management, info sharing, order tracking, analysis and employee performance evaluation.

Averiware empowers your employees with tools they need to enhance customer relationships by providing personalized, timely, and informed customer service. The Customer Averiware helps boost profitability by optimizing sales automation and enhanced customer interactions. The Sales Force Automation module combines sales opportunity, customer data, order details, and inventory availability, whenever and wherever needed. Your sales force will be able to prospect more efficiently, process orders more quickly, reduce operating costs substantially, and provide customer service superbly delivered.

The Sales Force Automation Technology helps to get the accurate data to the right people at the right time. It helps us to reduce the number of tasks of the sales teams and managers hold to perform manually. The Goal of SFA Software builds the loyal customer base for the company via increasing sales funnel with more conversions.


  • Opportunity management
  • Forecast and Sales Plan
  • Account and contact management with seamless integration with Customer Care
  • Integrated Calendar and Scheduler
  • Mass e-mail and fax capability for campaigns and promotions
  • Multiple price lists capability
  • Customized pricing and promotions management
  • Mobile handheld device order processing with bar code scanning and when needed printing
  • Single point customer set-up
  • Tracking of competitors’ actions
  • One click population of quotations using price list
  • One click conversion of quotations to sales orders
  • Comprehensive sales commission calculations
  • Sales and Gross Margin analysis with drill down to underlying transactions